Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, you have questions, and we have answers probably unrelated to the questions you had:
I have a support question. What do I do?
If you have trouble finding an answer online, try reaching out to:
Press Kit - can I get it?
Sure thing - right here : PressKit or check out our presskit() page
I love the soundtrack! Who made it and where can I get it?
You have good taste! The soundtrack was made by YAMANTAKA//SONIC TITAN and Pantayo, and it's available right here.
What platforms is this for?
Severed is available on PS Vita, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Wii U and 3DS
Is this game coming to Toasters?
Likely not, but hey, with the internet of things who knows
Hey, PC user here, is this game coming to PC?
Since this is a predominantly touch based game we'll have to see how it feels with a mouse
Don't touch games suck?
We don't think so, how about you give it a try
Why didn't you just make Guacamelee 2!?
We needed a new creative outlet
Ok...fine...but are you going to make Guacamelee 2!?
At some point in the future
That sucks, you suck, I really wanted Guacamelee 2!
Sorry to disappoint, but we think you'll really like Severed.

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